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Breakfast Club!

The Breakfast Club, the first one, the most brilliant one some would even call it the godfather of Brunch in Innsbruck. It surely sounds a bit stuck up but it’s just how the former mayor Hilde Zach used to say:” Innsbruck is a cosmopolitan city”. Therefore, we are trying to contribute bits and pieces from the great wide WORLD into our beloved home INNSBRUCK.

Looking over the rim of a tea cup! Oh well, that’s something that just doesn’t work in some of Tirol’s valleys and that’s how the Breakfast Club comes into play. The Breakfast Club reflects urban vibes and a global influenced world. A full get-up of a feeling of Street Art. The recipes are modern and traditional at the same time.

Just take a glimpse at the menu and you’ll be surprised: affordable prices, local products, freshly prepared in a sophisticated and cosmopolitan way. 


Our idea of Street Art is not only unique but as well inspiring. The Breakfast Club distinguishes from other “Hipster” restaurants. And why’s that? Because we become better and better. Idealism is very important to us and that’s why we hold onto our range of products.
That’s what we provide: a huge range of breakfast meals, omelettes, something for the sweet tooth and everything’s custom made. Within a second, life’s getting smoother. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re lactose or gluten intolerant, we are the right choice plus we’ve got the appropriate products. Yes, we do care about you. On request, vegetarian meals with soymilk and incredibly tasting gluten free rolls, can be ordered. 

Only if you are on a very special diet we unfortunately can’t do anything for you. But don’t worry at all! You’re still welcome to join your friends having a great time. You’ll just bring your own food and we’ll provide the rest like plates and cutlery.


Meeting friends, just having a great time and picking-up pace – that’s our motto. Just as our wide range of breakfast meals, the best brunch in town, our home made spreads, various egg and sweet dishes and never to forget our incredibly tasteful coffee from Italy. Your stomach will appreciate everything, and we do too because we are happy as long as you are. 


Oh well, life’s too short to eat low quality products with exaggerated prices. The Breakfast Club provides the opposite – great food and tas that don’t get you broke but happy and everything in awesome company. Free Wifi is a must have. That’s why we provide internet for free right in the city centre. 

Life keeps changing and Innsbruck as well. That is why we are here. Hospitality far from being single minded and fussy. That is our conviction and that is why you’re always cordially welcome at the Breakfast Club Innsbruck. 

Reservations Reservations
Breakfast Club
Maria-Theresien-Straße 49
6020 Innsbruck

+43 512 307959

um 7:30 kommen wir für EUCH
ab 7:45 bewirten wir EUCH
ab 8:00 kochen wir für EUCH
bis 15:00 kochen wir für EUCH
bis 15:30 bewirten wir EUCH
ab 16:00 brauchen WIR Pause

um 19:45 kommen wir für EUCH
ab 20:00 bewirten wir EUCH
um 02:00 ist Sperrstunde
um 5:00 kommt die Reinigung
und dann ist Pause für ALLE

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